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Alignment with Local Communities and Government

Musa Capital is committed and strives for both successful investment and social development. 

We apply a strict set of guidelines that are focused on the socio-economic impact that our investments will have on the communities in which we, and our portfolio companies, operate.

The senior partners have built the achievements of the firm upon a value system that emphasises investment in the ‘human machine’. While traditional financial analysis has made its own contribution, we have been successful primarily because of the people and communities with whom we have partnered over the years.

We believe that the following investment drivers are universally applicable, but work particularly well in Africa:

  • Obtaining an attractive valuation at acquisition.
  • Structuring a realistic exit at the beginning of an investment, or at least perceiving that viable disposition alternatives
    readily exist for the business.
  • Targeting business opportunities that are cash-generative in nature, particularly those where revenue is in hard currency
    or indexed to such (African businesses have the potential for strong dividend payouts, allowing investors to recoup principal
    and, thereby, reduce both investment and exit risk).
  • Seeking out opportunities that are scalable and, more importantly, can take advantage of the continent’s growing
    regionalisation (in this regard, South Africa is a logical fulcrum to development for Africa); and
  • Structuring the optimal use of leverage in the acquisition and growth of investments.
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