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Musa Capital supports Cell C’s – Take a girl child to work day

Musa-capital supports cell-c's take-a-girl-child-to-work-day

On the 28th of May, Musa Capital once again opened its doors and welcomed 11 eager to learn and bright young ladies as part of Cell C’s – Take a Girl Child to Work Day.

This year, Musa partnered with Leshata Secondary School in Orange Farm and spent the day with the young grade 12 Maths students. As a financial services institution, promoting Maths excellence is something that Musa continually encourages, to ensure that learners understand the important role that Maths can play in their career options, and the doors it can potentially open for them.

Keeping in line with Cell C’s theme of ‘DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE’, the day was packed with some exciting, challenging, insightful but also fun activities and talks to ensure that the learners got the most out of the day, and were left inspired and more informed, not only about what Musa does as a company, but also as an industry and career option.

Throughout the course of the day, various speakers within the different departments shared their own inspiring stories and backgrounds with the learners and encouraged them to ‘dream, believe and achieve’. The messages that ‘your past does not determine your future’, and ‘what you believe, you can achieve’ were constantly reinforced throughout the day.
The ladies were exposed to different career options, ranging from Law to Finance/Accounting and HR/Psychology and got to spend some time with all the senior executives, who took of their time to demonstrate the importance of such an initiative, by spending some time interacting with the young ladies.

Cynthia Parrish, Head of Legal at Musa Capital also shared on the role and importance of women in the workplace, and the growing need for more women in senior and strategic roles. The girls also got a surprise and entertaining visit from the three entrepreneurs within the entertainment, media and beauty industries, whom Musa partnered with on the day, to expose the young ladies to other career options.

The learners were encouraged to write their personal “dream notes” on brightly coloured cards throughout the day, so as to remind themselves of what they were hearing and experiencing and the prospect of the exciting options that lay ahead of them, through hard work, determination, and of course dreaming, believing and achieving.

The learners also had an informative and practical session, which took them through the requirements of registering to a tertiary institution, how to apply for a bursary as well as some studying tips.
By the end of the day, the girls found the day to be informative and productive, with a few likely career converts from their prior career of choice, to now wanting to do Finance and Accounting.

Musa Capital is proud to be involved with and support the Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day initiative.

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