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Musa Capital Administrator Manager

Musa Capital is pleased to announce the addition of Nokwazi Hlubi to our team.

She is the Administrator Manager for our office. Nokwazi will manage the administration side, HR, marketing, CSI, and assist with the internship program.

Whilst obtaining her undergraduate degree, Nokwazi won the coveted Rosenfeld Grant which enabled her to do an internship in Caux, Switzerland for 3 months.

At Moral Re-Armament, an organization that deals with conflict resolution, Nokwazi met with scholars from around the globe. She delved into methodologies and techniques that help to lessen instances of conflict on a national and international level.  Through workshops and conferences, Nokwazi was able to demonstrate through practical exercises what she had acquired. With her language skills, she also became an interpreter and English tutor.

One of the highlights of her professional career was when she worked at the Embassy of South Africa in Washington from 2002 to 2006. She was the social secretary in the office of Ambassador Sheila Sisulu. Nokwazi’s exceptional organizational skills and gregarious nature were instrumental in enabling the Embassy execute strategic meetings and high-level events. Through this public relations/ events platform, Nokwazi worked with the White House, IMF, World Bank, NAACP, UN, foreign governments and corporate companies. Her tenure at the Embassy served to illustrate the transformative effect of South Africa’s 1994 political transition in a tangible and practical manner.  More importantly, it also enabled Nokwazi to see South Africa’s global impact and help her become more patriotic.

Nokwazi’s areas of expertise are public relations, marketing, government, communications, language, research, organization, and writing.  She has a BA in English from Grinnell College in Iowa and an MA in International Relations from Webster University in St. Louis Missouri, USA.

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