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Musa Capital ‘Do Good, Do Well’ Campaign

Doing Good, while Doing Well – An Alternative Approach.

The Musa Capital Do Good, Do Well campaign was steered by the undoubtable need for sustainable economic development in Africa. In this case it is about driving education in South Africa with the help from our own communities.

As a Pan-African investment firm, Musa Capital invests in sustainable development to build a brighter future for the communities in which we operate. At Musa we firmly believe that education plays an integral role in sustainable development and our recent campaign, the “Do Good, Do Well” campaign, was born out of this belief.

The campaign, which ran for a month from mid-December 2013 to mid-January, targeted Finance and Accounting students of the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) to foster conscious awareness among young people of the plight of others and the needs across the African continent. We believe that young people should see themselves as agents of change in society. In today’s world technology is a powerful way to connect with the youth, so what better way to encourage social awareness among young people than to use social media?

The main theme of the campaign was to ‘Do Good’ [for others], while at the same time, ‘Doing Well’ [for yourself], sending a strong message that young people can achieve personal success and be equally successful social activists.  Students were encouraged to ‘Like’ Musa Capital’s Facebook page, or Follow @Musacapital1 on Twitter. Each like/follow received automatically equated to an hour of Mathematics tutorials to primary and high school students from the Bakubung Ba Ratheo Community in the Northwest Province of South Africa. The Maths tutorials will commence in July during the winter break and Ms. Rosemary Kitty Scott (Chief Executive of the Bakubung Economic Development Unit) will be the in charge of this tutorial program.

By liking and following Musa on social media, the university students were helping to cultivate a keen interest and passion for Maths among the younger learners in this North West community. This act is in itself powerful in light of the declining rates of enrollment for Maths among South African high school learners. In turn, the university students received free airtime and stood a chance to win other exciting prizes.

We took the campaign further by requesting that each participating student write an essay titled, “What we as Africans should do to promote sustainable investment in our economies. Who better to come up with African solutions to Africa’s challenges than them? The winner of the essay competition, 19 year Accounting student Geocarol Chisango, submitted a persuasive essay on the importance of education in promoting sustainable economic investment. The second year student won a bursary to the value of R15 000.00, which she has used to pay for her academic textbooks and part of her tuition. Chisango also gets the opportunity to interview for Musa Capital’s “Emerging Young Leaders’ Internship Programme”. The runners up, Thato Moetsimang and Khutso Mabala won a tablet and smartphone.

Congratulations and thank you to the winners and all the entrants!

These promising future African leaders have afforded their fellow African youth similar opportunities to what they are currently pursuing towards sustainable economic investment in Africa- and all with the power of a click!

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