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The Bakubung Economic Development Unit (BEDU) and Ledig communities united to form a partnership to improve the current and future generations’ quality of life.

The main purpose of BEDU is to develop the Bakubung nation through sustainable community programmes and projects.
BEDU has adopted a holistic approach to economic upliftment and employment creation for the Bakubung people, who live in the North West province of South Africa. Education, sport, agriculture and infrastructure programmes are already running in the area.

Over the past number of years, Musa Capital has formed a very strong partnership with BEDU in trying to help it achieve some of its objectives especially in the area of education and student development.

BEDU has already made a significant impact on the lives of the Bakubung community through programmes and plans for social upliftment, and with ongoing assistance, the Bakubung could fully achieve its potential as a developed, economically stable, well-educated and healthy community.

For more info, please visit the BEDU website: www.bedu.co.za

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