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Musa’s Approach Overview

Rigorous Analysis

Our approach is a collaborative, consultative process in which the team engages in rigorous analysis to quickly devise alternative data informed solutions appropriate for the client’s challenges

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    • Musa Capital will engage with key stakeholders including rating agencies, board and senior management, potential funding partners, and internal government stakeholders
    • Musa Capital will utilize its extensive debt and capital markets knowledge
    • Musa Capital will partner with a global independent investment banking boutique that shares Musa’s client centric values and has experience working with governments and parastatals as they engage with the global capital markets for their fund-raising requirements

Bespoke Solutions

Musa Capital offers customized analysis and solutions that will assist the client in selecting financing alternatives that address the client’s immediate needs while balancing all key strategic considerations

Finding Optimum Solution

    • Understand problems through review of previous analysis, including consulting analysis and harmonizing consulting work to that of investment banking (Analytical rigor)
    • Analyze all funding alternatives from various sources while utilizing international network to benchmark toward innovative solutions  (Outside the box thinking)
    • Develop a holistic client-centric solution that matches the requirements of the market, but is squarely focused on providing long term Eskom value (Independent, Client Centric)
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