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An Investment Advisory Will Take The Emotion Out of Investment

Whether you are keen to diversify for protection against short-term volatility or are in search of the delivery of long-term growth – it is advisable to contact an Investment Advisory company to seek professional advice before jumping into those murky investment waters.

Because there are no free lunches as far as investing is concerned – constructing good investment strategies from the outset is important, but it requires the skill and experience that an Investment Advisory company is able to offer – although at a fee.

What exactly is Investment Advisory and what do Investment Advisory Companies do?

  • Investment Advisories are specialists that offer investment advice for remuneration.
  • Most Investment Advisory Services interact directly with investors – this is mostly through managing their Personal Investment Portfolios.
  • Investment Advisory Services propose and give general advice regarding shares that are either bullish or bearish.
  • All advisors operating for Investment Advisory services in South Africa need to have the relevant licenses required and have to be registered with the FSB – (Financial Services Board) in South Africa.
  • Investors are perfectly in their right to ask their broker or Investment Advisory Company to produce their license to ensure they are dealing with professionals that have the relevant knowledge to provide this financial service.

Why it makes good sense to use Musa Capital as your Investment Advisory in Africa: 

  • Always choose a reputable company that boasts a long track record to advise and guide you when making valuable, important decisions, such as investing and where best to place that golden egg.
  • Because Musa Capital has no fewer than 20 years’ experience under their belt, creating wealth for various entities with its eye on the ball, focusing on asset management, mid-cap private equities and being a stalwart in the financial advisory business in Africa, makes it perfectly good sense to choose Musa Capital as your ‘go to” Investment Advisory for all those important investment decisions.

There is a distinct different between an Investment Advisor and an Investment Broker: 

Investment Advisors:

In SA, in terms of the new Financial Advisory and Intermediary Acts (FAIS), every single financial advisor has to practice with a license and needs to be registered with the FSB (The Financial Services Board).

A fiduciary relationship is guaranteed when making use of a Financial Advisor – this is one that is founded on trust and confidence; furthermore a Financial Advisor has not only the authority but has an obligation to act for another under circumstances which requires complete trust and honesty.

A Financial Advisor has an ethical obligation to its clients as well as a legal obligation to act in the best interest of its patrons at all times acting as a fiduciary. 

An Investment Broker on the other hand……

 An Investment Broker is a registered representative and is required to recommend investments that are pertinent and applicable for your individual investment portfolio.

Investment Advisory Services identify the needs and wishes of individual investors; bear in mind that investing is not a weekend hobby but rather a lifelong strategy and commitment. Tackle the task of investing by making use of the professionals. Even if DIY investing is viewed as a way to minimise costs – this is usually not the case and consumers need to carefully consider if they have the knowledge as well as the ability to competently tackle DIY investment strategies.

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